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Name Miakoda
Meaning Power of the moon
Hobbies AIM!!!! Computer, watching TV (sometimes), playing violin, drawing, listening to music, and uh...I think that's pretty much it...yep!
Origin I'm mixed...really mixed...um...let's see, I've got French, German, English, Apache Indian, Aztec Indian, Spanish, Polish....I think that's it...it is for now...

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

k, I will attempt to keep this site alive from now on...I'm doing a good job w/ my xanga (http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=Mia_Koda16) it's prob always up to date...I'll try to keep this alive from now on now, but if this site dies, keep my xanga, cause that's where I am most of time...yeah anyways...just wanted to let you know that's my xanga

Posted at 21:23 by Miakoda
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Monday, February 14, 2005
Just a normal Monday?

Well, today was probably one of the most exciting Modays in my life...not in a good way, though.

I woke up thinking...wow...what another boring, normal Monday...went to the bus stop at 7...got at school at 7:15...the first thing I notice is that...wow...everybody's outside...?O.o weird seeing as how there are only a few outside usually. Then I stop and notice that there are 6 cop cars in front of the school!!! So I know something's up, but I still just go up the stairs to go inside through the foreign language hall. some teacher was knocking and another teacher opened the door for her but said that we couldn't come in. so then I go to the other doors...I was able to get in that way...but there were police everywhere keeping the foreign language hall off limits! then one of the security officers said that we were to go to one of the gyms, A or B...so we went...we heard many rumors..."He stabbed him.." He went down the hall with Samuri swords, swinging them"...so we just pondered these ideas as we hoped that it would be an all day lockdown. but it wasn't, so we went to class @ the normal time except for students who had foreign language 1st (like me) who go t to go to class 15 minutes late. I go through 1st period knowing practically nothing exept someone came to schol with a knife or a few and hurt someone. then I go to orchestra...and Mamizu seems really depressed for some reason...so I asked her what was wrong and she said it was Isaac!! I was like O.O Isaac was the one who got hurt?? she was like yeah...someone stabbed him! I was scared...(Isaac was Mamizu's ex, but she did not break up with him because she didn't like him...she still likes him...there were just other problems among other friends) So I finally learned that he was okay, but was about 2 inches from death. the SLASH (not stab*phew*) went from behind his earlobe to his chin...2 inches lower, and he would be dead. BUT! That did not happen, so thank God! He went to Arlington Memorial and got stitches and was released! So I think he's gonna be okay! ^^ that's good news...I hope I see him tomorrow! anyways...that was my exciting Monday...like I said...not in a good way, but still...I have no idea who did it!!! actually, I have an idea because the guy who brought the knife or knives had enrolled in Lamar a few weeks ago...did not fit in...and according to someone, he had asked a teacher ow big a knife he could bring to school about a week after he transfered (don't know if it's true or not, but I did see him in that teacher's STAR (Student tutorials something something...) class...so it could be him...it might not be..we'll never know unless the police decide to release his name...so yeah...the rest of the day....there were rumors going around everywhere, all day! some very funny, some very...close...some accurate as to what I heard...some just plain out of this world!!! then I had English...I think I bombed the EDL test...then Math...working w/ exponents...it seemed...in some ways much more, peaceful, in others terrible than usual Mondays....it was very different...but it stinks that school didn't totally lockdown! oh well...at least Isaac's okay! so yeah that was the not so typical Monday...and I've said this a billion times, so I'm gonna go now, bye!

Posted at 20:21 by Miakoda
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
nothing (never can think of a good title!)

Hey! Well it's only been 2 days since my last post which is real good for me!!! The main reason why I don't post so often is that nothing happens! But there's a very special day comming up!...2! My sister's b-day is tomorrow and my friend's b-day is Fri., and I need to be sure and tell her French teacher so that they can sing happy B-day to her in French...whatever that's like! I have no idea because I am in Latin...then again...I don't know how to sing happy b-day in Latin...I no some of it in Spanish though! Yesterday was an A-day that was normal except....NO HOMEWORK IN ENGLISH!!!!!!!! actually that's the 2nd DAY IN A ROW!!!! 2nd A-day anyways! and um...Latin was normal except...it was cold outside...and it was cold inside...I just thought that the Heat was off and nothing else...but the AIR WAS ON!!! and I sit right under the vent...so I was cold!!! the stupid school people don't do anything about it!!! and um...let's see...there was orchestra...nothing special...OOH! Except Erica, the 1st chair, was ABSENT!!! so James, 2nd chair had to play a solo!!! lol! he played like....the 1st 3 notes and then gave up! I can play that better than him...but I'm in 4th...and I'm not sure becasue when we first got the piece, I was in 2nd chair and I plaed the solo w/ Erica...so if I had to play the solo solo, I could have done just as bad...but all the same...it was funny! and um...English we had the benchmark...which was easier than last time's benchmark, I think! and um....Math...we have a test next time and I was cold because that whole side of the school (Math hall is right below the Foreign Language hall) had the air on and again...I sat right below the vent...so I was cold...um...yeah...we didn't do much except take notes, do a wkst and study for the test next time...and that was it for the normal, boring A-day...then there was a B-day, uniform day, today...I had World History...I found out that I made a 93 ON MY BENCHMARK FOR WORLD HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find that good seeing as how I only missed 2...one was about the Magna Carta that I had trouble on...and the other...I can't remember....probably about the position of Greek cities? anyways...it counted as a test grade!!! and then we had an oral quiz over ch. 22 which was easy because I got the questions right, so I must have made an A! hopefully! if not, then a B at the least! and then we had fun w/ that...then I had Orchestra...Erica was here today, so she played the solo and did a better job! and there wasn't much that went on in orchestra...then we were about to leave...but Mr. Leaverton almost forgot to give us Progress Reports which is odd because I usually remember when we get them anyways..I got it and I made a 93 in Latin which could be higher but still's good....the Orchestra, I made a 96 because I get nervous on tests...lol that's why I've been getting 4th chair...then English where I am making a 79 Which I WILL Bring up by the end of the 6 weeks! but still the highest PROGRESS REPORT grade I made in English...then there was Algebra I which was...of course a 100...then I had....World History which was a 70 becasue I forgot to turn in 2 assignments, BUT I turned them both in and got a 93 on my Benchmark that counted as a test grade and the oral test which should bring my grade up...then There was orch double block which I made a 100 in...I think it's pretty much a free 100 for double blocking unless you do something really bad...then there was ROTC which I made a 100 in because I wear my uniform right and know the ranks...lol (Mr. Torres first gave me a different person's paper who made a 0/2 and I gasped...but luckily, Miss Garcia gave me my paper because she saw the grade and knew that that grade was not mine because SHE knew my last name and that I don't make 0's! Kinda funny....my friend was laughing because I was so worried) anyways...so yeah, I made a 100 in that class then IPC...I MADE AN 83!!! but that was only because I didn't do a hw assignment because I was too lazy and it only counts 10% of the FINAL average, so I can bring that up! and those were my grades for the 3 weeks which will go up and not down...hopefully! and then I had ROTC where we didn't do much except have inspection and talked about the highest rank an enlisted person could have in the Air Force and the difference between officer and enlisted ranks and stuff like that...then I had IPC...where we did nothing but take a test!!! it was easy, but long becuase we MUST show our work in a specific LONG way that takes up paper...we did that, then worked on TAKS review until the bell rang! and then I came home and took an unusually long nap...and I need to go to sleep so my inside clock doesn't go way off, though I think it already has! lol! and that's about it...so uh...I need to get ready for bed and read about 100 pgs of Watership Down befor tomorrow! bye!

Posted at 22:04 by Miakoda
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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hi! Well...it's been a while..but I am doing better than what I usually do...I'm gonna try to start up again and try not to stop this time..eh heh.. let's see...I don't think I can get everything from the time I stopped to now in, so I'll tell you about the last week...

Last weekend was a 3 Day weekend so I went to my daddy's and spent the night there! I had fun...he lets me get a lot of snacks...and I ate too many hot cheetos...steak...and other snacks...and my stomach hurt, but I went and watched Pirates of the Caribbean w/ my friend Alyssa since she hadn't seen it...then we went back to my dad's, and he let me sleep in his bed...and my uncle and mom had come over earlier...and (sorry...scatterbrained at the moment...and lazy ^^) anyways...I ended up having a bad stomach ache and my daddy got me some 7-up which usually helps...buuut...it didn't so he started to make me some baking soda water -which usually helps in a painful way-but there was no need because...well...it was lucky I was standing over the trash can ^^;;;; yeah then (12:05) I was able to say goodnight to Mommy and Richie incase they left while I was asleep to go to sleep comfortably, but I told them (Daddy and Linda(their house)) to wake me up when they were tired...and went to sleep on their bed because it was comfy...and then I woke up at about 6:00(WHY CAN I NOT WAKE UP THAT EARLY ON SCHOOL DAYS?!) to find that they didn't wake us up so my daddy was up all night on the computer and Linda took a nap for a couple hours...and my daddy stayed up the rest of the day while we did other random things (we=me, sis (lives w/ daddy), and Alyssa) then I was forced to go back home w/ my Grandma and my sis and Alyssa came, too! and I did hw and other random things...then was back to school...Tue was a B-day
I had W. Hist where we got to present projects about Triangular Trade...then orch where...uh...can't remember...then ROTC...where...um...something happened...the IPC...um...I don't remember...then Wed...I had Latin...orch...Eng...and NO ALG because I had to go to the dentist!! ( I HAD NO CAVITIES!!!!) then Thur...W. Hist...Orch...where I took the seating test, I think I did good because Mr. Coatney said that I was the first person in the 1st violins (out of aobut 5) to accent the last notes! then ROTC...I made a 100 on my inspectionfor the 2nd consecutive time this semester out of 2 ^^ then IPC where we...again didn't do much...then Fri. (FINALLY) In Latin we did stuff w/ adjectives and were reminded that our test was the next week...then orch where I didn't do much...seeing as how I took my test the prev. day...then Math...(I GOT TO COMPLETELY SKIP THE BENCHMARK(which is what I would have done if there was no dentist app't.)) and...not much happened...I learned the first thing I didn't know last year in math Fri.!! then came Sat...we did NOTHING FOR THE MORNING!!! Then finally (as I had predicted) my cousin came over (older one) and took us (Me and my younger cousin) to Lincoln Square and we got our nails done!!! then we went back and I got ready for the Military Ball...I had a pretty dress and I like to get dressed up...it's just fun...to me! So I got ready and went to pick up my friend, Cynthia who I had to wait on forever because her friends were still doing her hair...then we finally got to the car and spent...about another 30 min. driving around the UTA Campus looking for the Rio Grande Ballroom!!! we finally found it and were not the only ones late (PHEW!) and Cythia and I found friends, but we mainly sat in the back playing games, being our usual, quiet, shy selves! and we were having fun, but Chief Rainey came over and asked why we weren't dancing...we just said we didn't want to and played games and walked around for a bit talking....then we sat down and played games some more, and that would have been our quiet, fun evening until our Flight Commander saw us and asked why we weren't dancing...we said we were having fun...and then he said we were too shy and needed to loosen up and then asked us if we wanted to dance...we politely rejected, but nope....clearly that wasn't an option...shortly after, Trina (another friend) started to ask why we weren't dancing...the main reason was because we harldy knew any of the guys there...so our Flight Seargent and Flight Commander started to tell us we were to shy and kept asking if we wanted to dance...we kept saying no...so our Flight Commander said that because we were too shy and needed to open up... that we get to drill the flight on Mon...tomorrow!!! then he left...and we finally got up and danced to the last 10 sec of a slow song...then sat back down...and had fun playing games again...then went home..it was actually okay...even thought I didn't know how to dance...and I am currently in the process of finding out how to get sick tomorrow!!! Wed...we're going to lock our knees during inspection and pass out....Fri is PT so we don't drill...but....Mon...I have no idea what to do besides stick my finger down my throat! and I think that's what I'm going to do...wow...this is long!!! lol anyways...um..that's pretty much my week so uh...yeah...CRAP I need to get prezzies for my friend's b-day which is comming up soon!!! k

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Thursday, December 09, 2004
yesterday, today, weekend!!!

hey! Thanks for the comment...er...I need to find out how to use this thing and make a new layout...except that...I like totally lost the html knowledge!!! lol! well...I still have some...but I have a great page, and that' my pet's page...and it's really cool...If only I could remember how to do that...*looks at html format* eh heh...nope mabye later! anyways! yesterday...I had W. Hist. and I'm still refusing to do my DBQ for some reason!! GAH! WHY?! oh yeah! BECUASE I'M NOT ABLE TO TAKE THE AP EXAM ANYWAYS!!!! lol! it was quite funny though...because we had to pick partners...and she was all hasty...so she went down the rows going...do you have a partner? good! do you? ok you find someone quick! do you have a partner? then she partnered me up w/ Josh, but he was like...um...Mrs. Haynes, I don't have mine w/ me....and then she goes oh well, Ashley, Josh has been a procrastinator and...and I'm like...well...I think I've been a procrastinator, too...then she laughs and says oh well...you guys can work on it together...it was really very funny, but it could have been one of those things where you have to have been there to get it...but it was really very funny...then...Orch...free day...pretty much...go sit down...chat...do hw...listen to our concert (it was BAD Mamizu...or at the most it was ok) and listen to Mr. L. lecture...do that until about there are 20 min. left then the 1st chair, 1st violin (my stand partner for a song and a nice, friendly person) comes up and asks if I wanted to be in a violin trio...so I just go...sure! and she's like...good! now we can play the song! so I'm in a trio for solo and Enssamble (WHICH I HAVE TO PAY 7.50 to get into!!! people just seem to think everyone is made of money these days!!! but there are terrible hard times right now considering 9/11 and I think the reason we haven't gotten over that is because a 'certain someone' whose name strarts w/ a B, ends in an H and has US in between was elected and re-elected...ever since his first election, it's all gone downhill for my whole family except my uncle who finially found a good=paying job as a tire truck driver!!! and wow...way off track...anyways (you can see I HATE hime w/ a passion)) and I have to practice the piece...I'm probably getting violin II or III don't know which...don't even know the name of the song! lol! yeah...and then ROTC...we practiced marching after a rank quiz-.- which I probably did terrible on...and I GOT PROMOTED!!!! I am nowwwwwwwww............uh...*looks at chart* C/Airman First Class!!! ^^ that's good! just so you know *coughJamescough* Annnyywaaaaaaayys! then I had IPC which was same..easy...except for that we have to show all of our work a certain way if we want credit...I spent most of the time teaching someone...yayness...then that was pretty much it...now for today...Latin...WE GOT TO USE WHITE BOARDS!!!!! That's always fun!!! and turned in our project which I did! and she showed us how to make plaster for our fresco...then orch...sightread music...James picked a fine day to be in 1st chair! XD one osng had 3 solos! XD then we had a lockdown...whoot! I went into one of the practice rooms w/...5 people who...and spent most of the time talking about how my two partners for the trio were fighting over who would play violin I...so after the lockdown...they practiced...and then the one who was arguing decided he wouldn't play violin I...lol! yeah...THEN!...English...we read two books of the Odyssey...graded diagramming...and worked on metaphoric journey and literary devices packet....then Math...finished my English hw and math hw and 1st one done w/ test and had to go through the stench of tar all class >.< I HATE THAT! so yeah...and I can't wait until tomorrow when I go over to Mamizu's to bake cookies!!! and play DDR...and other random stuff!!!! too bad Darien can't come for cookies...gosh I hope I don't get the same orch as him next year...he'll be bugging me to make him cookies!!! but oh well...then shopping w/ my uncle! then theater w/ my uncle and Mommy!!! then...O.O last week of semester...exams...OH CRAP I'M DOOMED FOR ENGLISH!!!!!! lol! yeah...anywyas...I'm gonna try to keep this going to work on my web proficiency and keep Mamizu happy! ^^ so yeah...bye!!!

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hello...I just got back form our orchestra concert...I got to leave early, thank God! because Daddy came (yay!!) and had to go to East Texas tonight, and I had to leave...YAY!!! I do feel bad for not being able to see Gracelyn, though, but...hey///no more anticipating the time when the concert's done!!! like last concert lasted for about 2 1/2 hours...and each time they switched conductors, I jumped a bit...then the other one came on, and I went back to dozing off! we did good for the most part...except for...natually, the song I got first chair on...when it was pretty much only 1st violins and everyone else was plucking, either I was rushing...lost the beat and tried to slow down, or...something...I don't know what...but we were not together...yeah...anyways...that's the main thing that happened today...I was late to Latin because I didn't have my ID, and my AP is on the other side of the school.....then orch...then Eng...then math...and that's pretty much it...yeah...boring day except for the fire drill during math...well...bye...my third post in a row...^^ hopefully I can keep this up! bye, bye!

Posted at 20:55 by Miakoda
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Monday, December 06, 2004
nothing, really

Hello...well...nothing much happened today...I woke up...got dressed...I slept in the living room so that I could hear the washer when it stopped because I forgot to do laundry! lol! and also because I wanted to see the prettiful Christmas tree...and becuase my room was...and still is...chaotic and I  don't like to be in here much...I need to clean it...mabye this weekend...? Anyways...I woke up...went to school...5th(1st per on B-day)=AP W. Hist...basically nothing...6th=orch...practiced for concert tomorrow night...7th=ROTC...study the history of flight and aerodynamics (FINALLY!)...we've been practicing for our parade...8th=IPC...my teahcer Christmas-ized the white board and is wearing antlers w/ bells till...Christmas I guess...then I come home...yay!!! HUGE storm heading our way (so much better than the drowsy, foggy, messy drizzles we've been having for about 6 months)...sooo..have to go pick up my sis on one side of the city...actually in this other city...which is a stupid little city inside our city and we get into a little squabble because I had to go get her because we had to pick up Daddy @ 4:10 which is when school for her got out, and she walks WAY too slow and I can't seem to get it through to her that she does NOT have all the time in the world to take her time w/ stuff!!! oh well...she'll learn once she gets to High School! anyways...then we go to the other side of the city to pick up Daddy and end up waiting because he got caught in traffic in his truck...then YAY!!! I got see Daddy and he might come to my concert!!! I hope so since he only has a few stops tomorrow! then we dropped off my sis and Daddy and came home, and I watched tv, played computer, did some hw and played computer some more!!! and now...I'm playing computer...not much happened today...then again, I miss a lot on B days since I have to go to AHS for lunch because it's HQ for ROTC...which I heard it used to be Lamar? I dunno...all I know is...I'm nervouse because 1st chair feels weirder on stage than in the class...but it's really not that bad..just as long as I don't eat sugar and get hyper (yeah...that's gonna be REALLY easy)!!! that's pretty much it...it looks like a lot (or at least it does to me) but it's really not! oh well...I need to wrap up the hw and go to sleep!!! bye bye, everyone!

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Hello! Ok...I am really sorry, buuuut...I'm jsut too lazy to do this...and my keyboard is too loud and my grandma doesn't want me on the comp unless it's for research in which case she must check on me every 30 min to be sure I'm not messing around...buuut...she's finally asleep so I can get on!!! let's see...ooohh! I'm in concert orcherstra in first violins so...for our winter concert...the first two songs, "Troikia" and "Waltz of the Wicked" (which are the easiest, considering we're playing them w/ the most undeveloped orch, the Sinfonia...they're not bad..just not as good) anyways...I got 6th chair on both...then the 'harder' songs that the Sinfonia aren't playing, I got 2nd chair for both "Funeral March of a Marrionette" (spelling?) and "Chaunnakha Music for Strings" (spelling?) and then...1st chair for "Jingle Bells Hoedown"!!! yay...first chair, 1st violin...right in the front...of the director...and the audience.......=) wish me luck this Tuesday!!! lol! my old English teacher told me to imagine everyone else in their underwear...but that would just make me laugh!!! XD funny thought, though. So I guess I'll just try my best and not pay attention to how...weird it feels to be and 'outside' player so close to the audience, and 1st chair...I'm trying out for Philaharmonic next semester!!! whoo!!! hope I get in! it's only the 2nd orch, but it's still good! My grades...have been...um...*looks at progress report and tries to read through the random scribbles and drawings*...I'm making a 57 in IPC on progress report becasue it was only 4 hw grades, and I didn't turn in one and the other I did about...7/25 problems...but now T took my test, and w/ the quizzes and stuff, my grade will be higher!!! umm...I'm finally making an A+ in ROTC...which is better than before...B...yeah becasue Chief Rainey insisted on putting trick questions on the quiz!!!! but...that's ok...I made an 80 in W. Hist on my report card...what really makes me feel bad is...I didn't turn in a project that was worth two test grades...and I still made a B!!! if I could have just turned in that darn project...I probably would have made an A! but...I resolved not to be lazy this 6 weeks!!! All the other classes are good! ok...and that about wraps it up fo- wait! I forgot one very, VERY inmortant event...ok...Mamizu has a friend, Thi...we were about to leave the orch room in the morning when and went, "oh!" and said she forgot to push/poke/whatever Thi...so she goes over there,...he's sitting down...then all of a sudden, Mamizu pokes/pushes him, and he tries to get her, and he falls over and almost te whole room cracks up!!! IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! um....anyways...I thought it was funny!

Things at home have been great!!! I got to go to Mommy and Richie's this weekend...sadly...my sis was there, but she's not too bad...and next weekend, we're all going shopping and and going to see a movie at the iMax theater...I don't know what's so great about it, but I guess I'll find out soon...and this Fri, I may go to Mamizu's to bake cookies for an old friend who I promised cookies last year....and still haven't given him any...eh heh...yeah...and she said he was very mad at me becasue he wants cookies!! and I'm probably getting everyone Christmas prezzies this Sat...just don't know what to get who...but I'll probably be able to spend about 1.40 at least on each person w/ a 20, so...yeah! and I'm clearly getting a cell phone this Chrismat even though my grandma says it's for her...hahhah! and...I put up the Chrismas tree this weekend! it's sooo pretty! I did it all by myself! but I had to use clear lights because my grandma threw out the colored lights...you know...you plug 'em in, half of them don't work...you switch a bulb...that half works, now...but the other doesn't anymore! they're soo annoying!!! well...I think that's all i have to say...I have to hurry and finish my review for W. Hist. which shouldn't take more than a couple hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually, if I actually concentrate, it should only take 40 min...then I have to do a DBQ which sucks because our History teacher thinks Freshman can take the AP exam, but according to counselors and other people, Freshman can't...and DBQ is a part of the AP exam...so pretty much, it's wasting my time!!! GRRR!!!! I should just not do it...ok...but...it's a test grade,s o I have to...oh well...wow...I think this is one of the longest entries I've ever written!!! but I really do have to finish up my hw, sooo...bye!!! Have fun!

oh yeah...I'll try to make a new layout and stuff during winter vacation...that is...assuming the teachers don't pile us down w/ hw, which I wouldn't be surprised if they did!

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Sunday, October 03, 2004
The first weekend of the new six weeks

AND I AM DOING NO HW WHATSOEVER!!! Except for 30 minutes from now, which I will have to work my butt off! gosh I hate high school...The one thing that I simply cannot develop the habit of doing is...HOMEWORK!!!! ok, I'm not going to update for the last 3 weeks that I have not updated....I'm just going to pull some random things that I can remember because I am too lazy...first and foremost....report card!!! Generally good...meeting my expectations....barely in English lol!
Latin I                   97
Concert Orch         99
Eng I Hnr               80 (damn that was close!)
Algebra I               96 (1 pt from being A+!!!)
AP World History   84 (Sophomore Honors...me a Freshman...that's pretty good)
Orch Ens                100
ROTC                      98
IPC                         98

There are my grades! That's good...as long as I make 80 or above in hnrs, I'm fine...and a 93 or above in regular classes. can you believe that I got a lecture on those B's?! FROM MY GRANDMA! Dang it! I thought she would let make 2 B's...but I still got $10 from her...$20 from my uncle...and $10 from the old lady down the street for helping her!!! I HAVE $40!!!! I 'm reeech!!! REEEECHHH!!!!!! HAH! I wondr what I can do w/ $40....*thinks*...I KNOW! Find a way to get 10 more dollars and buy SIMS 2!!!! and I only have...6 months until....I can get a permit for driving....AND A JOB!!!! And then hopefully I will develop study habits good enough to make A's and No more than 2 B's! Well...uh...That's all I can say for now...I know...it's really short but I feel like I've been staring at this screen forever! so bye!!!

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Progress Reports

Hi! I feel unusually upbeat today!!! I'm just listening to some Metallica and rpg'n w/ my cousin! First class I had today was AP World History! I'M MAKING AN 85!!! She told me, and I'm like...REALLY!! YAY!!!! I was sure w/...ahem...my, uh...quiz scores...that I was going to make a C...so I was like...OH YAY! The orchestra! I got 1st chair!!! I got my progress report...all pretty good...except IPC!!!
1. Latin I      100
2. Orch        100
3. Eng Hnr     88
4. Algebra I   94
5. AP W Hist   85
6. Orch         100
7. ROTC       100
8. IPC            80!!!!!! OMG! THAT IS SO NOT RIGHT! I just forgot to turn in 1 hw assignment! -.- but we haven't had any tests yet, so that'll probably raise my grade!
Anyways...I found that my grade wasn't all that bad, but it could be better!
Then I had ROTC...We were...eh heh...uh...Chief Rainey tried to get us to...'fall in'...she explained everything...we knew what to do, we had 10 seconds...but...some people weren't listening...so when we 'fell in' it wasn't very pretty! heh heh! on the bus some guy from s different flight was like...are you in Chief Rainey's flight? Why was she shouting at you?...he was at the other end of the parking lot...to tell you how bad it got! But! We'll probably do better Frid- CRAP! NO SHOOT! PT FRIDAY!!! T.T I'm gonna die! oh well...we'll probably do better Tues! Then we had IPC...not much happened...just a bunch of stupid review!!!
I GET TO GO TO THE FOOTBALL GAME FRIDAY!!! YAY!!! Lamar Colorguard is going to be there this time, so I get to see everyone!!! ^___^ so yay! and uh...Sat we have car wash, which means Sun=hw! -.- well...I wanna get some sleep tonight! so goodnight!

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